The Art of Lost Wax: The Creation Process at Ringified Jewelry

The Art of Lost Wax: The Creation Process at Ringified Jewelry

Ever looked at a piece of jewelry and wondered, "How on earth did they make this?" Welcome to the club! We're pulling back the curtain today to reveal the magic behind the unique beauty and crafts(wo)manship of the rings at Ringified Jewelry. So, grab a cup of coffee and buckle up for a trip down the rabbit hole of jewelry making!


The Lost Wax Process: A Brief Overview

Now, what's the secret sauce behind Ringified's trendy, high-quality jewelry? Drum roll, please... It's the "lost wax" process! But don't let the name fool you; we're not misplacing any wax. This age-old technique dates back to the third millennium BC (yeah, it's that old!). But here at Ringified, we've given it a 21st-century twist.


Step by Step: The Lost Wax Process at Ringified

Are you ready for a behind-the-scenes tour? First, our uber-talented artists craft wax models of our killer designs. Then, these models are encased in a special plaster and heated until, you guessed it, the wax is "lost." This leaves us with a perfect mold, which we then fill with molten brass.

And here comes the glam! We electroplate each piece in 14K gold or rhodium because who doesn't love some bling? And for an extra dash of style, we sometimes use a two-tone plating technique. It's like getting two stunning rings for the price of one!


All About the Bling: The Stones Used by Ringified

But what's a ring without some sparkle? We use a range of stones to add that extra oomph. We've got everything from cubic zirconia and simulated pearls to genuine onyx, opal, tiger eye, abalone, Mother of Pearl, Swarovski crystal, and high-quality spinels! And the best part? Each stone is hand-set. Talk about a labor of love!


Polished to Perfection: The Final Touches

Once the stones are set, our rings take a trip to the spa. Okay, not really, but they do get a thorough polishing. This meticulous process ensures a smooth finish that would make a mirror jealous. The final touch brings out the shine and beauty of the rings, making them perfect accessories for the fashion-forward crowd.



So there you have it - the secret behind every piece of Ringified Jewelry. It's a blend of traditional craftsmanship, modern techniques, and a whole lotta love. Every ring tells a story, and now you know a part of ours. So why not start your own story with one of our stunning pieces? Head over to Ringified and experience the magic of the lost wax process for yourself. Who knows, you might find your next favorite accessory!

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